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Permanent member
  • Private ESCO | Third party financing company
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  • ESCO services | Maintenance services | Third Party Financing | M&V services
(Sales Manager)

Evan Verney

Sales Manager

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  • Avenue de Broquevillelaan, 40
  • 1200 Brussels

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Jan Viroux

  • Avenue de Broquevillelaan, 40
  • 1200 Brussels
  • Board Role:
    Board member
  • Steering Committee Role:
    Steering Committee member
  1. Energy solutions integrator for commercial and industrial buildings: development of photovoltaic power plant projects and energy efficiency solutions. Helexia carries out customised feasibility studies and accompanies its customers over the long term in implementing the project as well as in operating the photovoltaic power plants or monitoring the building’s energy consumption.
  2. Third-party investor partner to customers: Thanks to a strong and stable shareholding, Helexia offers solutions on a Third-party investment or co-investment basis as a partnership with its customers.
  3. Producer of decentralised energy: Helexia provides for the construction, operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic power plants over the long term.