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Tenerga Energy Services

Permanent member
  • Private ESCO | Consultancy company
Service offering
  • ESCO services | Maintenance services | Consultancy services | M&V services

Jan Laga


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Tenerga Energy Services
  • Brand Whitlocklaan 42
  • 1200 Brussels

  • Steering Committee Role:
    Steering Committee member

Tenerga Energy Services is part of the Tenerga Group. Our core business is the application of geothermal energy systems for heating and cooling of larger buildings such as offices, residential buildings, hospitals and assisted living, commercial ...

We are convinced that geothermal energy (50 to 150 m deep) is the most durable and most economical solution for HVAC in larger buildings in our climate since it offers a solution for both heating and cooling. Tenerga can offer advice and consulting in pre-construction phase, delivery and start-up of equipment in the construction phase and ESCO services after construction. These services include maintenance, interventions for repair or monitoring, co-financing and ESC's suited to the specific needs of the client.