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20. April 2021

Active building Energy Performance Contracting (AEPC)

New Business Models and Market Opportunities for ESCOs, extending existing EPC models with flexibility and demand response in buildings

The Belgian ESCO Association (BELESCO) and the consortium partners of the EU-funded AmBIENCe project are inviting you to a joint webinar on a new model for energy renovation of buildings, combining the strengths of the Energy Performance Contracting model with the valorization of energy demand response and flexibility in commercial, public and residential buildings. This Active building Energy Performance Contracting (AEPC) model that is under development is based on the optimal combination of building envelope insulation measures, local renewable energy production, the electrification of the local heat production (e.g. by a heat pump) and the add-on of active control.

What is the AEPC concept? What are the Business Models developed in the AmBIENCe project? What role can ESCOs plays as aggregators of flexibility? What is the AEPC market potential for ESCO and EPC Project facilitators? What is the impact from the new capacity tariffs? What is the ESCO’s perspective on the flexibility potential in buildings? How is the AEPC model being tested and validated in pilot projects in Belgium?

These are some of the key questions you will learn at this webinar, from some of the key people involved in these developments. You will also be able to engage with them and other stakeholders.

  • 10:00 Welcome speech - Lieven Vanstraelen
    10:05 Introduction to BELESCO & AmBIENCe - Lieven Vanstraelen
    10:10 AEPC Concept & Business Model - Nilufar Neyestani
    10:30 AEPC Market Potential and Outlook - Lieven Vanstraelen
    10:50 Q&A
    11:05 The AmBIENCe Belgian Pilot #1 (Seneffe) - Lieven Colardyn
    11:25 The AmBIENCe Belgian Pilot #2 (Clara Fey) - Christophe Szpyt
    11:40 Q&A
    11:55 Closure - Lieven Vanstraelen

When & Where

Tuesday 20 April 2021 10:00-12:00

Online webinar

A BELESCO & AmBIENCe joint event