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Energieprestatie­­contract Sint-Niklaas

Energieprestatie­­contract Sint-Niklaas
9100 Sint-Niklaas

The city of Sint-Niklaas signed an innovative energy performance contract (EPC) with Luminus Solutions, a subsidiary of Luminus, to improve the energy efficiency of its municipal buildings. During the development of the project, the city assisted by facilitator Factor4 who developed an innovative energy performance contract (EPC) that was concluded with Luminus Solutions. Nine city sites are included in the contract: two primary schools (Gavertje Vier and De Droomballon), two the sports halls (De Witte Molen and De Mispelaer), the academies (Beeld & Podium), the City Theatre, the museum SteM, the welfare house and the police building.

Its innovative approach and exceptionally high energy savings make it the largest and most innovative EPC contract currently running in Flanders.

Luminus Solutions commits to reducing energy consumption by investing in high-performance equipment on the one hand, and by guaranteeing optimal maintenance of this equipment on the other. Thanks to the innovative approach, the city can count on greater energy savings than is usually the case with classic EPC contracts, because not only the investment costs and the guaranteed energy savings over the term of the contract are considered, but also the residual value at the end of the contract.

The energy-saving measures range from renewing roofs and exterior joinery to renovating heating systems and ventilation, improving lighting, optimizing controls and providing local energy production with PV panels at various locations.

The contract start on 1 January 2022 for a period of 10 years.

Member's role
Type of Energy Service or Contract
Energy Performance Contract (EPC)
City of Sint-Niklaas saves 39% on its energy consumption with the largest and most innovative energy performance contract in Flanders
9 buildings
8.500.000 €
Financing mechanism
Customer financing
Contract duration
10 years

The contract will reduce energy costs of the related buildings by 39%. After 10 years, this means a saving of over 1 million euros and a reduction of more than 2,600 tons in the city’s CO2 emissions