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Various cities or municipalities in Wallonia & Brussels regions - Belgium

The "Fedimmo"-project was initiated by Fedesco and the federal Building Agency, following

  • The intention of Fedesco to save energy in the federal public buildings
  • The original plan of the Building Agency (the tenant), Fedimmo (the owner) and the FPD Finance (the main occupant), to put in place a maintenance contract with total warranty.

This led to the joint decision to implement a comprehensive Maintenance & Energy Performance Contract (M-EPC), allowing for additional energy savings as well as the preventive maintenance of the total building and all installations.

The model used is the smartEPC model, designed by Energinvest & partners, which includes performance based maintenance, performance based comfort measurement and building value performance in addition to energy saving guarantees, allowing or optimization of Total Cost of Ownership. It is designed to manage even such a complex stakeholder environment as this one.

Energinvest lead the design and public tender of the project, including contract development, condition scoring, comfort surveys, financial modeling and public tendering procedures. The project has entered the tendering phase for contract closure and start of implementation in 2014.

The project management involved a multidisciplinary expert consultancy team from Energinvest and partners, including Factor4, law firm Stibbe, maintenance experts Techadvice, the Dutch Governments Building Agency and others.

The Fedimmo-project, based on Energinvest's smartEPC model, is setting a new standard for Maintenance and Energy Performance Contracting in Europe.

Member's role
Project facilitator
Type of Energy Service or Contract
Energy savings project without upfront guarantees
Type of contract (additional info)

smartEPC = Energy, Maintenance, Comfort & Building Value Performance Contract

866.810 €/year (10,58 million kWh/year final energy)
12 buildings 71.952 m²
1,43 million €
Financing mechanism
Third Party Financing
Contract duration
12 years

30% energy savings (3,05 million kWh/year final energy)
248.966 €/year guaranteed savings